Saturday, December 28, 2013


So here is an update, folks!

On Thursday, I ran three miles at an average of 10:55 (a bit fast for me), the first mile very slow at 11:34, then 10:53, and then 10:17 which is juuuust over a minute faster than my average pace :D pretty sweet!
AND I just got back from a 10 mile run! 10 miles... that is a LOT of running :D And a personal record! So, so excited, on such a runners high right now. I physically feel, look, and smell (ew!) rough, but I feel SO great mentally... A year ago, I couldn't run a quarter mile and today I just ran 10... Yeah, people will always be able to run father, run faster, run better than me, but I trained and pushed myself mentally and physically way past where I ever thought I could and I am damn proud of that! I cannot wait until the half marathon, only three weeks away! :)
Lookin' rough but feelin' good!

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