Thursday, December 26, 2013

First Post!

After my first (and so far only!) race, a 5k in May with my dad!

Whole family in Disney World, gotta love those Mickey ice cream bars!

Hi there! I'm Ryan and I'm a 21 year old woman living in one of the best places on earth (in my humble opinion), Charleston, South Carolina. This is my blog chronically my adventures in running. Almost a year ago I watched my dad, who had run all his life, run his very first half marathon. I was so inspired that I went out that day and bought running clothes. My sisters came with me and got running clothes too, but thought it would just be a short phase. Now, with only three and a half weeks to the same half marathon my dad ran in early this year, I am getting ready to run the 2014 Charleston Half Marathon! I am so, so excited but also incredibly nervous. I had not run at all before I started last year, and so far the only race I've run has been a 5K back in May that I ran with my dad. I've been participating in a 16 week training program with a great group of people called Racers for Pacers, and we are raising money for running strollers for special needs children (and potentially special needs adults and veterans, as well, although thus far it has just been for children) so that they can enjoy the experience of running as well. So far, I have ran 8 miles and raised $700 (my goal was $500 which covers the cost of one chair). I am planning to run 10 miles on Saturday which will be the farthest I've run to date! Excited, but nervous. Very few things compare the the accomplishment of beating a personal record (PR). So far, since I am a rather un-athletic person, my PRs are not up to where I'd like them to be, but I'm trying to stop comparing myself to others and just be happy with where I am in my running career. I am so, so excited for the half marathon and to for all future races! Today I'll be running about 3 miles at a comfortable pace, a sort of recovery run from the 8 miles I ran on Tuesday and then giving myself a break tomorrow (and eating lots of pasta!) before the 10 miles Saturday morning. From here on out, this blog will mostly be rambling about my runs, future races, and general workout/healthy eating things. I also am obsessed with baking and cooking so if I have any particularly healthy recipes, I may post them here. I will also probably most some random life things, such as school updates, etc. But mainly, this is a blog about running!:) Also, disclaimer: I am (obviously) not a nutritional or workout expert, I have a trainer for the half marathon and I would really suggest anyone who is inexperienced and planning to run a long race to find some kind of training plan, 13.1 miles is a long way to run and you want to be sure to always be careful so you don't get injured!

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